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Working Papers Abstracts (Periodic)

Like many of you, I receive several almost-daily emails from eJournals in Finance. As the number of papers reported in these journals multiplies and the storage capacity of my brain shrinks, I thought it may be useful to assemble selected abstracts on the CCMRM site.



As a start, I will share titles and abstracts from the following list of journals on a monthly basis. The thrust is mostly towards working papers, although the occasional published piece does surface from time to time. The latter are of course available from journal websites anyway and would have made it on this working paper list some time before acceptance.

This effort to keep abreast of research in finance is skewed to my preferences-topics that I have thought about, think about, would like to think about. Anything to do with investors, mutual funds and market efficiency, cryptocurrency, carbon and sustainability, options, fintech, finance policy and regulation tends to catch my eye. I am a sucker for papers with BIG titles too. There is a separate India papers page.

The list is below. If you find this effort useful, or would like additional journals added to it, please email me at badrinathsg@iimb.ac.in.

NBER-US, Working Paper Archives, all of 2017.

CEPR-Europe, Policy Paper Archives.

FEN (SSRN) e-Journals list.

Capital Markets eJournals.

a) Asset Pricing and Valuation.

b) Market Efficiency

c) Market Microstructure

d) Mutual funds, hedge funds, investment industry.

Risk Management eJournals

a) Risk Management.

b) Analysis of Financial Institutions

c) Banking and Insurance

d) Regulation of Financial Institutions

Corporate Finance eJournals

a) Capital Structure and Payout Policies

b) Governance, corporate control and organization.

c) International Corporate Fifnance

d) Governance, Incenives, Compensation.

e) Valuation, capital budgeting, investment policy.

Miscellaneous eJournals.

a) Financial Literacy

b) European Finance

c} Household Finance

d) Real Estate

e) Property, Casualty, and Life Insurance

f) Behavioral and Experimental Finance

g) Emerging Markets Finance

h) History of Finance